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Body Treatments

Body Treatments

Spa body treatments restore balance and well-being fostering a positive, healthy body image. Body treatments induce a sense of relaxation while promoting the elimination of toxins and producing radiant, well-hydrated, smooth skin.

Herbal Poultice Infusion Therapy

$285 | 60 min

Thai Herbal Poultice Infusion Therapy for the face, back, neck, arms, scalp and décolleté. Enjoy steamed medicinal herbs with warm oils wrapped in muslin and deeply rubbed into the body. Thai Herbal Poultice therapy is the perfect detoxification treatment increasing lymphatic drainage. Chosen Thai herbs are used to increase circulation and provide nourishment to the skin. The heat increases blood oxygen flow thus oxygenating vital organs and allowing them to be more efficient. Tone and support collagen formation in all skin types. Drift away tension while enjoying this unforgettable ancient Thai ritual!

The Ultimate Body Contouring Treatment

$150 | 60 min

This cellulite smoothing treatment is excellent to nourish and tone the skin after weight loss, pregnancy and liposuction. Marine alginates, trace elements and essential oils work together to break down fat deposits and detoxify helping to tone and tighten the skin.

Illuminating Salt Glow

$135 | 60 min

A blend of orange and grapefruit essential oils has been added to these refined marine salts from the coast of Britanny, optimized with a soothing algae extract, and applied over the body to deeply cleanse, exfoliate and invigorate the skin.


Sothys Iris & Litchi Body Treatment

$150 | 60 min

Escape with this amazing body treatment inspired by the favorite fruit of the Chinese Emperors and a flower Egyptians donned the “renewal of life.”  This enticing journey begins with a melt-away exfoliating syrup followed by an aromatic and relaxing massage using a unique hydrating balm. Your skin is left delicately scented, soft and deeply nourished.


Sothys Signature Hanakasumi Treatment

$175 | 60 min

Experience the ancient art of beauty with this relaxing and enchanting body ritual inspired by Japanese tradition. The journey commences with the application of a warmed exfoliating cream with Cherry Blossom & Rice Powder. A second exfoliating massage softens skin and invigorates the body. A unique foot massage based on reflexology revives vital energy complete with an application of melted aromatic Shea butter bringing blissful relaxation.


Sothys Organic Beauty Garden Body Treatment

$150 | 60 min

Awaken the senses and restore well-being with this exceptional certified organic body ritual. An invigorating apricot kernel exfoliation is followed by an enveloping body massage with warmed helianthus oil delicately scented with ylang ylang and cinnamon essential oils. The skin is silky smooth, nourished and well protected.


Thermal Moor Mud Wrap

$160 | 60 min For a truly unforgettable European spa experience, Moor mud is an excellent treatment from head to toe. Moor mud is totally organic and sterile. Over 1,000 plant extracts and trace elements are found in this natural mud that is applied and wrapped in warmth for 25 minutes. Draws out impurities, stimulates blood circulation and leaves your skin feeling energetic.


Vichy Shower Added to any treatment


Aromatic and invigorating body treatment using a 5-head shower which pulsates alternating sprays of hot and cold water to stimulate circulation and energize the body.


*Shaving is not recommended prior to these body treatments 

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